This Lota Social Responsibility Code of Conduct (hereafter referred as Code of Conduct) is applicable to Lota and to sub-contractors of products, services, materials (hereafter referred as suppliers). The Code of Conduct states the basic requirements which Lota and its supplier shall comply during business activities. Lota reserves the right to revise the requirements in this Code of Conduct and expects the supplier to accept such changes.

      Legal compliance: It shall be in full compliance with all applicable national and local laws (including but not limited to labor, health and safety, fire protection and environment related laws). 

      Protection of Children: There is no child labor. Minimum legal age for employment is 16, which is the minimum working age in China or the minimum age to complete compulsory education. Proper and legal use of young workers (16-18 years old) is supported. Young workers or vocational trainees (including various forms of apprenticeship, internship and work experience) are not allowed to perform hazardous work or night work.

      Force and compulsory labor: There is no forced, bonded or prison labor. All works must be voluntary and with reasonable notice, refusal is not penalized. Workers shall be free to leave work or terminate their employment. Workers shall not be charged, directly or indirectly, any fees or commission related to the recruitment and/or employment process. Workers are not required to pay a deposit. It is not allowed to detain workers’ personal credentials and belongings.

      4、商业道德: 与路达开展业务必须确保诚信和透明。不接受任何试图违法、伪造文件、欺骗、或腐败等行为。
      Business ethics: Trust and transparency related to Lota business must be ensured. Any attempts to break the law, falsity documents, deception, or commit corruption are not accepted.

      Environment protection and resource management: Serious environmental pollution is not allowed. Lota and suppliers shall act in accordance with national and local environmental laws and regulations, including laws and regulations related to emission to air, solid waste treatment, waste water discharge, noise emission etc. Legally manage the water and waste, distinguish the opportunity to use sustainable and recycled resource.

      Workers health and safety: Prohibit exposing workers to severe occupational health and safety hazards. Accident insurance is provided to all workers. Insurance should cover medical treatment for injuries and occupational illness related to work. Provide compensation for permanent disability and death caused by injuries and occupational illness related to work. Provide safe, healthy and suitable working environment and living facility (if applicable) to all workers. Occupational health and safety management at workplace is required and take action to mitigate the risk, including but not limit to mental health, ergonomics, fire protection, first aid, equipment safety, chemicals, building and electrical safety, staff training and personal protection, etc.

      Working hours and wages: It shall be in compliance with national laws about working hours and social security. Workers should be paid wages which are not less than the legal minimum, overtime compensation, benefits and insurance. It’s encouraged to provide workers with wages and benefits which can meet their basic needs, and incomes at their disposal. Provide discretionary income to workers and their families. Provide training or other opportunities for workers to develop their personal competence

      8、 结社和申诉自由:应尊重所有员工合法地选择或拒绝参加团体的自由,只要此类团体被法律允许。员工有参加集体谈判的权利。不应非法干涉、妨碍、阻止或歧视、骚扰员工参加正当、合法的员工结社和相关活动。应建立申诉渠道,为申诉人员保密,匿名举报的员工应受到保护。
      Freedom of association and grievances: Respect the workers’ right to participate (or not ) an association, as far as the association is permitted by law. Workers preserve the right to engage in a collective bargaining. Lota and suppliers shall not illegally intervene, hinder, prevent or discriminate and harass workers to join in the legitimate and legal association and relevant activities. A grievances mechanism is in place and keep the complaints confidential. The anonymity of workers is protected.

      Punishment, discrimination and harassment: Respect culture difference and treat workers with respect and dignity. Workers shall not be suffered from corporal punishment, threat of violence, public warning or punishment, fines, deduction of contractual benefits, physical or psychological discrimination, violence or harassment. It must be ensured that hiring decision (including recruitment, salary, welfare, promotion, punishment, dismissal and retirement, etc.) should be made only according to the employee's working performance and competence rather than the employee's personality.

Purchasing: Suppliers shall comply with the commitment of not subcontracting as in supply agreement. 

Confidentiality: Keep the confidentiality of Lota and its client information, commercial secrets and Lota’s proprietary information (including non-public, unobtainable, or undeterminable information). Lota’s intellectual property rights shall be respected and protected.

      Supervision and implementation: Lota will take active actions independently or under third party’s support to ensure the implementation of this Code of Conduct, for example, take inspection of production facilities with advance notice or without notice. Relevant documents about the implementation of this Code of Conduct should be recorded and provided on request. It must be reported following below contact information if there is any potential and confirmed child labor, forced/bonded or involuntary/prison labor, serious environmental pollution and death. It should be reported to the client if there is any request. 

      如果对条款有疑义或要举报问题,可以联系:路达公司内部0592-6666256,或写电子邮件:gonghui@lota.com;供应商反馈渠道:0592-6228121,或写电子邮件:  gongyingban@lota.com.cn。
      If you have any doubt on above clauses or want to report, please contact: 
Feedback Channels to Lota internal: 0592-6666256 or Email: gonghui@lota.com.
Feedback Channels to Suppliers: 0592-6228121 or Email: gongyingban@lota.com.cn.